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The Chapel of the Sacred-Heart:
a history, a soul

The Order of Cîteaux, called "Les Feuillants", gained possession of a large plot of land located in Poitiers in the early 17th century, with the support of King Louis XIII.


The first Monastery was established with a first chapel in the “Rue des Feuillants”, this street being named after the religious Order. But the destiny of the Monks took a tragic turn when the French Revolution occurred. They were then chased from their place of worship, which was destroyed after they left.

June 1806

Madeleine Sophie Barat, native of Joigny and founder of the “Society of the Sacred-Heart of Jesus”, which aimed to develop education for girls, came to “Les Feuillants”. She gave then a second life to the former monastery and created a first boarding school led by the “Sisters of the Sacred-Heart”. The convent and the religious community were very successful and the site extended. A free school was opened to 150 young girls from the neighborhood as soon as 1807.


A new chapel started being built under the supervision of the architect Couteault. The pulpit of the church was set in 1845, the high altar in 1850, and the stained-glass windows in 1860, when the Chapel was consecrated.


Dissolution of religious congregations in France, including the order of “Les Feuillants”.


Separation of Church and State. A young lady from Poitiers, Countess Aubaret, repurchased “Les Feuillants” to give it back to the religious sisters of the Sacred-Heart, who returned in 1913.


The convent was sold and the Chapel of the Sacred-Heart was progressively abandoned and threatened in the 1990’s until it was registered as “building of the National French Heritage” in 1997.


The "Chant des Feuillants" Association was then created to highlight this authentic Chapel and its soul.

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